Evolution of Rumiko Takahashi's Art Style

Evolution of Rumiko Takahashi's Art Style

A look at EVERY SINGLE title page from the following series, which are Rumiko Takahashi's main Shonen Sunday series from 1978 to 2008: Urusei Yatsura 366 Chapters 1978-1987 Ranma ½ 407 Chapters 1987-1996 Inu-Yasha 558 Chapters 1996-2008 Be sure to click on the HD button! This video looks a LOT better that way! This video is not representative of everything that Takahashi has done, but just the three biggest, longest series that she's worked on in the last 30 years. These three series were chosen because (especially when when lined up together) they show off just how drastically Takahashi-san's art style has changed over a period of 30 years, and they all lead into each other perfectly (since as soon as one ends, another begins). Anywho, be sure to check out Rumiko Takahashi's next major Shonen Sunday series, "Kyokai no Rinne"! In the US, it's been licensed to be shown online here: www.therumicworld.com, and I'm sure volume one will be out in stores pretty soon, too!
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